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General questions

Who is behind CBB?

Our company is characterized by a young and motivated team that combines knowledge from the areas of business, language and culture, design and IT. This has the advantage of being able to fulfill our main task of mediation effectively and efficiently.

What is your company purpose or your positive contribution to society?

We place tradesmen, whether looking for work or for personal and professional reorientation, from abroad to (inter-)national craft businesses. Both parties benefit: tradesmen can find well-paid work and are supported in getting there, looking for accommodation and integrating into the respective labor market. In times of a lack of quality craftsmen, national companies receive carefully selected and motivated workers who perfectly complement their team.

How does our placement process work?

Every tradesman who reaches us sends us his documents and references, which are checked immediately. After an initial processing step, these are presented to several potential employers. If one of the craft businesses shows interest, we will give the tradesman concerned a prompt response and contact them to discuss the contract and the start date. Depending on the complexity of the individual case, we as a company reserve the right to add further additions to the process.

Does your service cost me anything?

No. Our service is free for applicants (tradesmen). We charge a placement fee for craft companies, which depends on individual factors.

Does your service always include an apartment?

No. However, we offer the option of finding an apartment either through the partner company or through our own service. We are aware that this can make settling in much easier.

How much do I get paid as a craftsman

Pay depends on many different internal and external market conditions. Current inflation, current housing costs, previous professional experience, willingness to take on responsibility, additional qualifications or German or English language skills all play a role.

Frequently asked questions from applicants

What information do we need from your company for our service?

In order for us to successfully recruit employees for your company, we need not only your location, but also the size of the company, the languages represented in the company, the positions to be filled and the specific working conditions of the respective positions, which will be forwarded to the applicants.

How much is the placement fee?

The placement fee is agreed individually. It always depends on what qualifications you require and how quickly it has to happen.

What exactly happens if a mediation does not take place for various reasons or unexpected problems arise?

At CBB, we ensure that suitable matches take place between applicants and companies and always strive for a successful placement. Should the mediation unexpectedly fail, CBB will ensure that both parties receive a better match. The agency fee is waived. If problems arise after placement and an employment contract has been signed, we will help to successfully terminate the unsuitable employment relationship and ensure that the applicant returns to his home country. The placement fee is only due on a pro rata basis.

Frequently asked questions from companies

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