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Dan Olorunmaye

Founder and Managing Director

Dan is one of the two founders of Craftsmen Beyond Borders. Since Dan graduated with a Bachelor's degree in BW / Resource Efficiency Management in spring 2023, he has been fully focused on CBB. At CBB, Dan manages the team and ensures that CBB is developing in the right direction. Since the beginning of the company, Dan has been involved with great enthusiasm. The fact that he won two awards together with Dominik at the Corporate Campus Challenge 2021 has further strengthened his belief in the idea of CBB.

Above all, Dan is excited by the vision of making life more enjoyable for each of us. He says: "I read more and more about how the energy transition is being held back by a lack of skilled workers in the trades. More skilled workers in the trades of our infrastructure have a direct impact on our lives."

The task that CBB faces, however, also entails a high degree of complexity. But that is precisely what motivates Dan. With his analytical skills, he makes an important contribution to CBB mastering this complexity.

'+49 1517 4383312

Dan Olorunmaye
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