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Dominik Grau

Founder and Managing Director

Dominik is a business administration student as well as founder and managing director of Craftsmen Beyond Borders. At CBB, Dominik is responsible for issues ranging from customer service to strategic planning. Since the beginning of the journey with CBB, Dominik has been convinced that we are about to change lives and address one of the biggest problems that German society needs to solve in the 21st century. The fact that our company has already won several awards and attracted the interest of investors motivates him every minute to continue working to make CBB one of the most important players in the HR market in the EU.

Dominik is directly affected by the issue of CBB - his father has owned a craft business for more than 20 years, so he sees firsthand the challenges the craft sector faces. "Life will be easier for all of us if we address the shortage of skilled workers in Germany."

Solving such a complex task takes time and new approaches that the skilled trades have never seen before. Dominik is convinced that CBB will succeed where so many others have failed. With his open and likeable manner, he does everything he can to motivate the team again and again and to push existing boundaries.

'+49 1577 2892622

Dominik Grau
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