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Scaffolder (m/f/d)

Building with scaffolding

About scaffolding in the DACH region

High demand and good pay

The German labor market has been on the upswing for years. The demand for qualified workers is great. A scaffolder earns an average of €41,000 gross per year in Germany.


Social support

As an immigrant in Germany, you benefit from all the benefits of the welfare state:

⇒ State health insurance: 50% covered by the employer

⇒ Child benefit: €250 per month per child

⇒ Unemployment benefit: 60% of the last net income

⇒ Pension: You benefit from European law! Under European law, you can add up pension periods from all European countries in which you worked.

Attractive location

Germany is characterized by good jobs and salaries, a clean environment, a low crime rate, many leisure and cultural activities, good public transport and a strong economic and social system. If you would like to find out more about life in Germany, you can download our flyer.

About the job

Scaffolders erect scaffolding for various areas of application, from single-family houses to bridges and smaller apartment buildings or even television towers to high-rise buildings. The scaffolding erector’s field of activity also includes the construction of mobile work platforms, grandstands or weather protection halls.

Your tasks

  • Transport of scaffolding parts to the construction site

  • Build one of the various scaffolds

  • Work mostly in a team

  • Eight hour working days in a five day week, with the possibility of working on Saturdays

  • Loading and unloading the truck

Your profile

  • Many years of professional experience in scaffolding

  • Good team player

  • Quick comprehension 

  • High sense of responsibility

  • Readiness to learn

  • Motivation to live permanently in Germany

Interested? Apply now!

Why find a new job with us?

Scaffolder Khalid
"Thanks to Craftsmen Beyond Borders, I found a first-class company in Germany and increased my salary by 50 %. Their support helped me settle in and integrate smoothly into my new home."

Khalid, Scaffolder

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